5 Vegan Recipes to Try ASAP

Ever since going vegan, I have felt so much better. For example, even with less hours of sleep I have been so energised and my skin is so much more glowing and clear! Let alone the cruelty involved in animal products.

I have been loving learning and experimenting with many new dishes and wanted to share some with you guys! It was hard rounding it to only 5 but here you go! Even if you aren’t vegan you are bound to enjoy these mouthwatering meals!


  1. Golden red lentil dhal- By OhSheGlows


‘This easy, flavourful curry is a great one to whip up during the workweek, and leftovers only get better the next day. Light coconut milk makes this curry so luxuriously rich and decadent tasting, while still feeling quite light and energizing. It definitely won’t weigh you down, but I can promise it’ll warm and comfort you on a chilly day. While it’s lovely all on its own (enjoyed like a rich, thick stew), I love it even more spooned over top my cilantro-speckled basmati rice with toasted pepita seeds, sliced green onion, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime juice.’

2. Creamy vegan mac and cheese 


‘Who knew that potatoes, carrots, onion, cashews, coconut milk, and seasonings could make such a fabulous creamy combination? And that, when mixed with macaroni, that crazy combination will make your taste buds leap for joy?’

3. Creamy corn chowder


Oh yeah, coconut milk. In addition to giving this soup body and suavidad (smoothness), it adds a subtle hint of the tropics. Add the lime to the coconut creamy corn chowder, and you just might end up licking the bowl. This stuff is really really guuud 🌽💕

4. One Pot red lentil chili


This isn’t one of those soup-like chilis that’s mostly tomatoes. This is chock full of lentils, beans, and corn, and is thick and stew-like in texture – my favorite. Make this dish for a crowd, as it’s especially great for hosting. Or, make a batch over the weekend and enjoy it for lunch throughout the week.

5. The ultimate chewy choc chip cookies 


These cookies are perfect while still warm with a cold glass of almond milk or as an ice cream cookie sandwich.  It’s super easy and in less than half an hour your home can be filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies!

I hope you enjoyed the post, and sure to try out some of these recipes!

-M Xx

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